Terms and Conditions

1. Client/Client’s employee given a 4 minute phone call each day Mon – Fri excl Coach’s national bank holidays.

2. Calls will focus on setting up key game-changing actions, accountability for actions previously committed to and where time allows additional motivational and strategic support to enhance the happiness and performance of recipient. Results focused always.

3. Set time agreed for each day according to availability

4. Though a 4 minute call is usually easy to take it is understood that from time to time it is not. If call time is missed then your coach will attempt to call back/receive call back within the allotted time. If connection made, your coach will use remaining time to support you. If connection not established within allotted time, will continue the following day. In such a case, to keep the momentum strong, your coach will leave a brief voice-note (default if client uses Whats-app )/ email/ text with reminder of previous days actions and encourage a brief reply update from you.

5. First call is a longer term strategy call usually via zoom for a minimum of 15 mins. Strategy call every month thereafter.

6. Payments are made monthly in advance.

7. Direct Debit/PayPal subscription payment automatically renews each month until notice given 1 week in advance of next month start date.

8. The client (client’s parents/guardian in the case of a minor) take(s) legal responsibility for their choices and actions.

9. Confidentiality is kept for the client within the staff of our organization except if the client makes specific plans to harm themselves or someone else.

10. Average 6 working days per quarter coach is unavailable – usually during holiday periods (slightly less spring/autumn, slightly more summer/winter.